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Currency $ р. – website specializing in sales of goods of own production line and dealer realization of the most in-demand goods of the world as well. Via us you can buy high-quality innovative goods at low prices.

Our major types of activity:

  • production and sale of goods in the area of men’s sexology: penis enlargement, increase of potency, erection, libido;
  • production and sale of goods in the area of women’s beautification: goods for beauty, cosmetics, make-up, etc.
  • production of goods for squirt or squirting, other goods of sexual orientation;
  • realization of goods for sex for both – men and women: fleshlight masturbators, vibrators, vibro-orbs and other goods for sex.


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Our main advantages:


  • Non-surgical penis enlargement – one of the priority areas. We are the official representative of UVIPE company – the leader in men’s penis enlargement.
  • Erection improvement and libido increase – sale of approved devices for improvement of men’s erection.
  • Prostatitis treatment – sale of effective devices for treatment and prophylaxis of prostatitis.
For men:
  • Cosmetics, make-up – purchase the best cosmetics at best prices.
  • Devices for skin care – devices for everyday skin care will help you to reduce expenditures for cosmetics and always remain bright and beautiful.
  • Devices for hair treatment – curling irons and pincers will free you from visits to SPA-centres.
For women:
  • Measuring devices – high-quality devices for measurement of pressure, pulse.
  • Correcting underwear – correcting underwear for both – men and women.
  • Masseurs for eyesight recovery – another one direction of activity of our store.
For health:
  • Maestro Love – a unique device for squirting.
  • Vibrators, vibro-orbs and other goods for women will provide you with unforgettable pleasure again and again.
  • Masturbators, heads and other sex accessories for men – we are the representative of fleshlight company and number of other companies specializing in production of goods for sex.
For sex:
  • Orthopedic pillows – we are the representative of KRONAX orthopedic company, one of the leading companies dealing with production of orthopedic goods.
  • Silicone correctors.
  • Orthopedic inner soles.


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